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Dragon’s Dogma

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dragon’s Dogma is like Skyrim meets Monster Hunter. This game does look Dark Souls, but this game does feel like your in JRPG world. The game is about the character that you have created is trying to fight a dragon, but it didn’t go too well. The dragon saw your character’s bravery and he took his/her heart. You get heart back when you kill the dragon. Your character be come arisen. The arisen are dragon killers. The dragon makes his own killers. That is kind of awkward right there. Why the hell, he want to make his own killers?

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

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The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey-Movie-PosterFrom the smallest beginnings come the greatest legends. Things are pretty small where Bilbo Baggins comes from. He is a hobbit of means, content to live in Bag End, tend his garden, smoke his pipeweed, and enjoy a good ale down at The Green Dragon Inn. His life is simple, and it just can’t get any better, but one day his lineage catches up with him. Being of the line of Took, there is a mysterious lady that once became the mate of one Bilbo’s ancestors, and through this the great wizard Gandalf, thinks Bilbo might have the burgling talents to help a group of dwarves in their quest to regain their old home, in the city of Erebor with the Lonely Mountain. It just so happens that the city is inhabited by the nastiest of dragons, Smaug.

Dragon Age Inquisition PS3 First Impression

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The next in the line of Dragon Age games from BioWare and EA is that of Inquisition. This picks up after the video Dawn of the Seeker and the events of Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2. It was highly anticipated and for good reason. The storyline is compelling and interesting enough to make you want to follow. The world is hugely massive and easy to get lost in. This is not a game that you are going to just sit down and beat in a day’s time. You will spend hours on this one and that is not a bad thing at all.


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One of the tags for this film is When Dragons Were Real, which gives you an idea how the film is going to look. It is dark and filled with real life pain and suffering and not all of it the cause of the dragon. This film is not some light fluffy frilly film but a stark look at what it is like to life in fear that a dragon is going to make you its dinner. This film also looks at just how far people will go to save the ones that they love from any harm that might come at them. This film even has love and shows how a young boy can grow to be a man to save the one that he loves and it is not the princess.


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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

When it comes to marble popper games, they don’t get much more basic than Dragon. This follows a familiar premise of shooting marbles at a snake, or in this case, a dragon, made of small spheres of varying colours with kanji characters on them. When one marble replaces another, the one it replaced is sent back to the bottom of the chute to be used again. One has to drive the dragon back into its lair to prevent it from reaching the other end of the twisting chute that is set as its path.