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The Cave (2005)

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Before the Decent there was The Cave, a cave that will willingly rip your heart out and then change you in ways that you never thought possible. All those that have entered the cave seldom ever return, that is till now! The Cave is a horror film the way it should be, it is suspenseful with the right amount of pop and not a lot of blood. You don’t need blood to be scared and this film proves that. Anyone who thinks this film is not a trilling and suspenseful horror film must be in a coma.

In the past the cave was guarded by monks and before that demons were fought to keep the creatures at bay. Now the monks are gone and there is no one to stop stupid cave divers from going places that they should not. The cave is infested and will change anything and everything that comes in to disturb what is there. There is an ancient evil living there and should not be let out. In the beginning of the film we find some ex military men wanting a thrill to go cave diving where no one has went before. They want a thrill and what they get instead is death and disfigurement.