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Aladdin Classic Disney Game

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Aladdin Classic Disney Game

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Disney’s Aladdin the video game for the Genesis, Snes, and PC is fun game to play. I have played all three versions. The Genesis version does look same as the PC venison, but the Snes version is different and much harder as well.

This game more challenging and fun to play. It also gets harder later on the game. The gameplay looks great, the graphics look amazing, and the animations are really good as well. This game is like the movie, but the game is better than the movie. This game came out a year after the movie. The reason why I said that because, this game is so much fun. The gameplay run much smoother and this game is a DOS game. You will die many times in this game. Your weapons in this game are a sword and apples. A sword is use for close to the enemies and apples are use to throw at the enemies. That looks like like it came out of Bioshock.