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Christine O’Donnell – Witchcraft – Sex

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What is it with the politicians these days. They must think that every single one of us is a stupid idiot moron, at least that is what they are hoping. At least that is what it seems like. Take Christine O’Donnell, she says she is a christian who is against gays, against self gratification, against witchcraft and who knows what else. The woman gives all of us in the United States a bad name.

Now what is wrong with being a witch? Really, what is wrong with it. They don’t hurt anyone, true witches actually help. Ancient witchcraft gave us the roots of modern day medicine, but then again the whacko Republicans and Tea Party nuts want to take medicine away from us. They want to deprive us of our very dignity. I can say this with conviction because what politician in their right mind expects to get away with the crap that they keep doing. I guess if they push hard enough and make sure our bodies and minds are poisoned enough that we will forget everything that they have ever done and just blame it all on Obama.