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The Color of Magic

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This fun, fantastical story set on the flat planet of Discworld is like none other. The most unlikely of characters meet up in very unusual ways. We have a tourist from a land based on science and technology, Twoflower (Sean Astin), and a washed-up wizardry student, Rincewind (David Jason) from Ankh-Morpork’s Unseen University of Wizardry who has been cursed by a very evil and dangerous spellbook called the Octavo. Add in an overly-ambitious wizard, Trymon (Tim Curry) looking to kill his way to the top, and some other legendary characters borrowed from other stories and given a new sort of life on Discworld, and you have over three hours of great adventure put together in such a great way, you really don’t want the journey of Twoflower and Rincewind to end.