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Diablo is one of the best RPG and horror games I have ever played. This game is all about helping out a town and some villagers will want you to travel down to Hell and stop Diablo, the Lord of Terror. In this game you get to chose a character. The characters you get to play are a warrior, a rogue, and a sorcerer. The Warrior is a powerful melee fighter, master of weapons of war, and capable of enduring more damage than other 2 classes. The rogues are the best archers in the world of Sanctuary. The sorcerers are a powerful masters of the arcane arts, the sorcerer is able to achieve the greatest heights of magic, so that he doesn’t have need of physical weapons. The classes I like to play are the warrior and the rogue. I like play the warrior, because he use swords and a shield and I play the rogue because she shoots a lot of arrows. A bow is like a gun and a gun is like bow. If you have a bow, you are shooting arrows. If you have a gun, you shoot bullets. In this game there are no guns at all. That’s right, no guns at all.