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Vampire Hunter D

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Vampire Hunter D is a really hard game. The controls is really confusing, but not like Tomb Raider. The controls are like Resident Evil, but the ps1 version. I hated the movement in this game. This game is only on the PS1. The gameplay is like Resident Evil 1, but you are using a sword. Vampire Hunter D is based on a anime movie. There two Vampire Hunter D movies. The first movie was in the mid 80’s and the second movie was in the early 2000’s. This game is based on the second movie. This game takes place about ten thousand years from now. Vampire are dieing off species after a long ten thousands of years.


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If you played bloody and gory video games before, you already know Blood Rayne. The movies suck, but the game is way better than the movies. BloodRayne is really messy game. I always said, “Clean up on Aisle 4! Make that a major clean up!” You are playing a sexy female vampire named Rayne. Rayne is half vampire and half human. So, she is a dhampir. A dhampir does not feast on the blood of humans. It means she is like Blade. She likes to make a mess and she likes paint on the walls, too. Her favorite color is red. The first time I played the game, I said “This is way better than the BloodRayne movies.”

Thief Of Lives : Book Two Of The Noble Dead Saga

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Thief of Lives picks up just a few months after the end of the book Dhampir. The inn that they had to burn down to get rid of Rashed and Teesha has now been rebuilt but the city of Miiska has also lost its most profitable warehouse that the vampires had run. Leesil still feels guilty for letting Ratboy get away in the fight and tries to smother out the memory or at least come to terms with it by training himself every morning at the very spot where the fight with Ratboy took place. Both wounded each severely in that fight and Leesil has vowed to never let something like that happen to him again. On the other hand Magiere feels a terrible guilt that she could have killed Leesil when he offered his own blood to save her life. She can not forget the feeling of his life freely flowing into her and know that he would willingly give it all to her if she had need of it. She too has vowed that it would never happen again.

Dhampir : Book One Of The Noble Dead Saga

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Half vampire and half human, that is what Magiere is but she has no idea that is what she is, yet. Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee spin for us a tale that is riveting and will have you constantly turning the pages to see what is going to happen next. The characters are believable and you actually care for them right from the start. The first few pages might be a little hard to get started but getting through them is going to be a real reward and you will not want to put this book down.