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Kittens at Play

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The neighbors’ cats have been productive, and this time these fluffy little babies are the result!

We really do have some wild tomcats around here, and they seem to produce some sweet little things. Even Agnes’ unicorn from Despicable Me wasn’t as fluffy as that little grey and white tribble with feet and claws. Cleave was just lucky enough to be out and about to get this little video today of these fluffbuddies as they were nipping at the nekomimi and having trouble getting to their tiny paws. Even our kitten, Koru, came over to see what they were up to. Can you blame him?

Despicable Me (2010)

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One would think a movie about competition between supervillains would not be such a good subject for a family movie, but in this fun movie, the antics that our villainous hero(?), Gru (Steve Carell), goes through to one up on his younger, although much nerdier competitor, Vector (Jason Segel), leaves you with some good questions about his character, but it all comes out great in the end.