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Super Mario Bros (1993) Plumbers To The Rescue

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This isn’t your Nintendo game, this is all together something different and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Even if you have never played the game you are going to enjoy this film. If your a purist as far as game go then DON’T SEE this film. This is nothing like the video game, it is just based loosely on it.

The Mario brothers are trying to get work but Scapelli is always getting there first and in there way. While trying to get the job and get the job done they meet the likable Daisy played by Samantha Mathis who is the leader of a paleoanthropology did near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Luigi, played by John Leguizamo, is instantly smitten with her and just can’t get anything to come out right in scene after scene with Daisy. It is always his brother Mario, played by Bob Hoskins, who has to translate and explain what Luigi had said.

Swing Vote (2008)

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This is one of those “Hmmm, It could happen…” films that takes a satirical look at our election process and the media frenzy it causes. Every outlet wants to be the first to break the really big story, but this story could not happen to a more simple man. Bud Johnson(Kevin Costner) is the small town guy who lost his big dreams to “insourcing” and beer. His daughter, Molly(Madeline Carroll) is really the adult in their family, as she is the one who makes sure he gets to work on time, and does the cleaning and cooking in their little double-wide mobile home in Texico, New Mexico. Texico is a Southwestern crossroads desert town filled populated with people from all colours and creeds in the region. The biggest employer in Texico is a local egg farm and processing plant, which is where Bud works.