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Snow Dogs – Get ready for mush hour!

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Snow-Dogs-2002-DVD-CoverFrom Miami Beach to Tolketna, Alaska, Snow Dogs is a fun tale of a misplaced dentist and how he finds out where his true home is. We start in Miami Beach in the late 1970s, where young Ted Brooks (Jascha Washington) is learning about the family business from his father, Dr. Brooks, DDS (Christopher Judge). Young Ted learns that the human mouth is a pretty gross place to be digging around in, but twenty-five years later, Ted (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) feels like he could not be any happier doing anything else. He lives in one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, where it is summer all year long, and is very successful. He shares this success with his cousin, Dr. Rupert Brooks (Sisqo) and his mother, Amelia (Nichelle Nichols) is very supportive of her sons.

Season Of The Witch : The Darkness That Almost Was

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It was the time of the crusades and the wold was at war with itself and with religion. Fear was rampant and priests and zealots saw Satan and witches around every single corner. If it was suspected you were a witch they would make sure that you confessed to it before they would kill you to save your soul. After consigning your body God and your soul to perdition they would then do rituals to make sure that your body stayed dead, not to rise again as a demon infested corpse. They wanted to make sure that your soul was safely with God and that your body would never again cause them trouble as they perceived that you did in life. The beginning of the film opens with such a scene but the rituals were not completed and we get to see the consequences of that. The priest in his holy zeal went by himself to read the passages and was killed by something far worse then what he had feared the women were. He was killed by a demon from the very depths of hell.

Eerie Cuties

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Eerie CutiesDiscovered this webcomic a couple of years ago, when it first started as a link off of Multiplex. It’s a very fun story about a private high school filled with magical beings and monsters. The two main characters are two teen vampires, Nina and Layla Delacroix. Layla is the typical vamp teen, 16, not afraid of anything, except losing her popularity. She’s pretty and dark, and has hooked the hottest cat-boy in school, Kade. Nina is a vast contrast to her older sister. She’s 14, very, very innocent, overly cute. She won’t even drink blood, but may the gods help any chocolate that crosses her path. She was born on a Easter Sunday, and draws her nourishment from the decadent candy. With them is a naughty, perverted companion, Blair. Blair is a demon that is trapped in the body of a doll. The doll looks pretty tame, with its long golden hair and frilly blue dress, but the voice and the ideas that come from the doll are that of a lecherous male, like Happosai of Ranma 1/2. Blair is the instigator of much trouble for the Delacroix girls, but he’s not the only one who keeps them on their toes.