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Sniglet of the Day : February 11

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Sniglet Of The DayMagniphobia ( mag ni FO be uh) – n. The fear that the object in the side mirror is MUCH MUCH closer than it appears.

Okay, you’re driving the interstate, and there is one of those monster semi-trucks with the big teeth decals on its grill is coming along in the other lane. Your kid is in the seat beside you and suddenly starts screaming, “There’s a monster coming!” You look in that side view mirror, and seems very far away, but that “monster” is actually closer than it seems, because of the skewed scope of that messed up side-view mirror. No wonder the kid is scared! You know it’s just a decal some trucker put on his truck grill to make it look cool, but why can’t these stupid side mirrors show things like they are in real life? It’s like that Far Side cartoon, but worse, because this is real! As the truck gets closer and closer, those teeth look more and more real. The kid covers his or her eyes,and you try not to watch the toothy truck as is comes along side you. It passes, and a wave of relief covers you, and you tell the child the “monster” is gone. The interstate can be a dangerous enough place to drive on without monsters, but as long as these skewed mirrors keep getting put on our cars by car manufacturers, who knows what might turn up?