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Slot Quest : The Vampire Lord

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FunFactor: ★★☆☆☆ 

I had never really played slot machines before, as I really have no access to them, but I thought I’d try this since it had a dark theme. I’d have to say, this might have been one of the scariest slot machine games out there if it was truly a one armed bandit. You start out in Strife Village, playing slots called “Wicked Wealth”. There are various images that become animated when you match up a line, and there are 20 different ways you can match them up. Stormy nights in dark mansions, ghostly images on window panes, an old framed photo of a little girl whose face becomes a death’s masque, a tornado in the distance over a graveyard, and so on. Really dark stuff. The music is eerie and keeps with the theme, but the gameplay itself becomes boring in that there is no skill involved. It’s easy enough to reach a certain total payout on some levels, but nearly impossible to summon the Grimordia ring to get the bonus payout on other levels. If this had been an actual slot machine, I would have made some serious cash on it, and I would not be reviewing the game right now, because I’d be packing up for a trip to the Keys. Unlike the time management games, or the hidden object/logic puzzle games, some of which often have a horror theme, the scariest thing about this game is the time you have to put into it to meet the challenges. If you like slot games, then this one is definitely for you. If you want something based on skill instead of luck, then keep away.