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The Love Bug: It’s a Love-in for Herbie… the incredible little car who shifts for himself!

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The year is 1968, hippie culture is strong across the nation, and this is where the story of Herbie, the Love Bug, begins. The soft-top, 1963 Volkswagen Super Beetle becomes a national icon for family entertainment for over four decades, and his story starts here. When Jim Douglas (Dean Jones), a down and out racecar driver, has taken to demolition derbies to make a living, he knows his racing days are pretty much kaput. He shares an old 1800s firehouse that overlooks San Fransisco Bay with his best friend, an open-minded new age artist, Tennessee Steinmetz (Buddy Hackett). One day, as Douglas is out on the street, he passes by a business where he sees a sign. “May we direct your attention to these…” the sign reads, and below the sign, Douglas spies a set of very shapely legs belong to a woman in a blue miniskirt. The business is a high-end European automobile dealership. This is a place that sells Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and and other high performance vehicles. As Jim is enjoying the view of not only saleswoman, Carole Bennett’s (Michele Lee) legs, he is almost drooling over a Maserati when a Volkswagen Super Beetle rolls in as if under its own power. The snooty owner of the dealership, Peter Thorndyke (David Tomlinson), makes a big fuss over not only Jim being there and out of his league, but the Super Beetle is also out of its league, and he wants this latest acquisition out of his store as soon as possible.

Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968)

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The 1960’s were good to Disney Studios and the world with all of the releases that Walt and his creative crew were making. Blackbeard’s Ghost was one of those classic films that is great for the entire family. It is full of laughs, romantic interests, scandal, morals and of course the ghost of Edward Teach who was lovingly known as Blackbeard (Peter Ustinov). Really, that is what they call him in the film, lovingly known as but you will just have to see it for yourself if you don’t believe me. This is one film that the whole family will love unless they only want to see blood and guts. This film has none of those just a lot of slapstick and ghostly fun to delight and entertain.