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Sniglet of the Day : July 15

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Sniglet Of The DayScrabitch (SKRAB ich) – n. The impossible-to-reach area in the middle of the back which can never be scratched.

The scrabitch has to be one of the most annoying sensations out there, and you can never catch it, even with help, because it will start right in the center of the back and then it will move. Women often encounter the scrabitch due to wearing new bras that haven’t quite given up their newness chemicals yet. Sometimes scrabitches can be created by dead skin cells or small ingrown hairs in the middle of the back, and everyone gets those, even if they won’t admit it. You can rub up against a tree like Baloo the Bear or a doorjam to get rid of the scrabitch. You can ask for help, but then have the person scratching your back get annoyed at you for missing the spot, since it has moved. No matter what, the scrabitch will always seem to win, even after you subdue it, because it always comes back, like a song you once hated. Not because of the song itself, but way too much airplay. Keep a ruler or something handy when those scrabitches hit, because you might end up looking like a big black bear when trying to get rid of it the Jungle Book way.