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Paradise Pet Salon

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I found Paradise Pet Salon to be very addictive and cute, and a great diversion over the holidays. While the graphics were not all that great, the gameplay and cute animals made up for it. We are playing as a young lady that had always dreamed of working for Pet Corp as a groomer, but when she fails at creating repeat business by making clients pets sparkling clean and healthy, she hurts the bottom line, and is let go. Her dream is not over, because now she is going to take them on with her own independent pet salon, and will eventually run a small chain of her own.

Sniglet of the Day : December 13

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Sniglet Of The DayHOUNDWOUNDING (hownd’ wown ding) n. Canine act of circling a spot three or four times before sitting on it.

Any of you pet owners out there have seen not only your dogs, but your cats as well, in the act of houndwounding, and it is quite a sight to see. Sometimes houndwounding might include some paw feathering, or maybe a round of some kneady paws, in the case of cats. You will see your pet scratching at the area, as if he or she was fluffing up a cushion or pillow. Sometimes, even your own lap or chest might be used for houndwounding, usually by smaller dogs, cats or kittens (watch out for those needle claws!) If you happen to be an amply-endowed woman, the smaller pets tend to find your chest to be a great place to do some houndwounding. These females aren’t the only victims, just the easiest ones for these cute animals to access. If you do find yourself being used for houndwounding, enjoy the attention, because the moment something makes a noise outside, your pet will bolt from you to go find out what it was.