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Halo: Reach

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Halo Reach

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Halo: Reach is one best Halo games that I have ever played in the series. This game has more action, more things you can do, more fun than COD series, and has a map editor. How cool is that? This was Bungee’s last Halo game that they made before 343 Industries took over the series. This game take place shortly before first halo game. The game begins with the planet Reach in the ruins, then flashes back to before the devastating invasion by the Covenant. When play this game, you will see Cortana as ancient artifact AI. I thought Cortana was made by humans, but she is an ancient. The graphics in this game are outstanding. They look more like a CGI movie. If this was movie, this will be great movie. The gameplay is more fun as well. The gameplay runs more smooth, but still lag every once from now. The soundtrack is really good. I sound like the same people who did Final Fantasy music. When I’m playing the game it does sounded like Final Fantasy. I would be cool if Square Enix did Halo. It would look like Final Fantasy XIII, the character would more like anime, and Cortana will look more like Yuna or Tifa. Now for the multiplayer. The multiplayer is really intense.

Soul Calibur IV

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Soul Calibur IV is a good game but, it is not better than Soul Calibur III. It didn’t have very many things you could do, but there one thing I like about it. It was that you can play online. You can play against other players in online tournaments. Soul Calibur IV has lots more characters than Soul Calibur III. In Soul Calibur IV, you still can make your custom characters and you can play the custom characters in online mode as well. There are some activities you can do without playing in Soul Calibur IV. You got Story mode, Arcade mode, Tower of the Lost Soul,Training mode, and the VS. mode. The Story mode is same as usually play each character in story mode and learn about their story. You can play your custom characters as well. The Arcade Mode is still the same as usually play each character arcade mode in 8 rounds. Tower of the Lost Soul is a lot harder than story mode. You got figure the rituals in Tower of the Lost Soul to unlock new item, new armor, and new weapon. If you don’t figure the rituals, you can’t get new things like weapons and armor. If you haven’t play any of the Soul Calibur games yet, there is the Training mode. The VS. mode you can play against a friends.There is Three Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur IV. You can play Darth Vader, Yoda, and The Apprentice.The Apprentice is from Star Wars, The Force Unleashed. The only thing to unlock Apprentice is play as Darth Vader or Yoda in the Arcade mode.To unlock Yoda, you have to go get him at PlayStation Network but, if you have an XBOX 360, you can play Yoda but not download him. You can play Darth Vader on the PlayStation 3. So, if you want to play online, or are getting tired for waiting on a person or friend, play Soul Calibur IV.

Soul Calibur III

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Soul Calibur is one of the best fighting games I ever played and one of my favorite games. The best Soul Calibur game I ever played is Soul Calibur III. Soul Calibur III is more fun any other Soul Calibur. It this one, you can create characters, play arcade mode, story mode, world tournament, and Chronicles of the Sword. Chronicles of the Sword looks like Age of Empires but, when you destroy a building you can use a character to fight to your opponent inside the building. In story mode, you play the main character, not the custom characters. In arcade mode you can play main character and custom characters. You can make characters in “create characters”. “Create character” you can make male or female warriors, fighters, and martial artists, give them a job, and put some armor on. You can get some more armor, but you need to get some money first. It has a shop in the game where you can buy weapons, armor, and find new jobs. It also has a training mode if you are playing Soul Calibur for first time. So If you want to play Soul Calibur, play Soul Calibur III for the best game experience.