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Hardware (1990) You Can’t Stop Progress

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This film is considered by many to be the first 2000 AD film. It is based on a short in the comic that takes place just after the Cursed Earth story in the Judge Dredd universe. Having been released in 1990 you will not see much in the way of computer graphics for special effects except for that of computer screens and IR displays. Most of the film used physical props for all of the special effects as well as models. It is amazing what film makers were able to do without having to rely on a computer. Even though the film is gritty and at times gory you really do not see the budget constraints that it was under. It was made for under 1 Million Pounds.

Judge Dredd 1995 Movie

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This film is full of action and plot twists that can entertain even those that would hate it. The haters are the die hard fans that didn’t like the fact that Dredd’s helmet was removed. I know it wasn’t in the comic and that threw me at first but you have to get past little things like that to be able to enjoy this film. This film does have the grittiness that is in the comics and I feel that the film does pay homage to that, so quite thinking about the damned helmet. There is so much more to this film then the helmet, there are explosions, intrigue, treachery, horror, blood and hover bike chases. There is even a bit of humor in the film, though I will admit it needed more humorous pranks to stay truer to the comic. As an action movie based on a comic book this film does well, better then some other comic book films and you know what I mean. You will not be bored watching this film.