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Hobby Farm

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

And here we are with another farming sim! Hobby Farm has a different kind of charm. Jill and Jeremy are on a enjoying their retirement on an island cruise, and on the tour, Jill asks about the rundown island that seems to be a bit undeveloped. The cruise guide tells her it used to be a farm that supplies tropical fruits and other items for the island resorts. Jill has lots of energy for a retiree, and decides to buy that little island and bring the farm back to life. I played this game in both the timed and relaxed version, and I recommend the relaxed version. As you go up in levels, there will be more demands on Jill in growing crops and tending the animals. Not only is there that, Jill makes jellies and smoothie mixes for the resorts as well. Along with the upgrades and some speed boosts, it is a wonder that this spunky old lady can keep up with it all. There is a little hamster living near the farm that loves to gorge on surplus fruits, and some rather demanding goats that supply Jill with some very rich and tasty milk. If you like farming sims, Hobby Farm be just the tropical diversion you are looking for, with steel drums and calypso music in this all-inclusive resorts-farming game.