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Sniglet of the Day : April 27

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Sniglet Of The Daysnart (snärt) a. (v.) To sneeze and fart simultaneously.

Don’t know how many of us have actually done this, but it seems like a snart would be a time when your body was trying to explode from both end. Possibly during a a flu, or maybe a hangover, oh, as if you could feel any worse! If it has happened, hopefully it was in the privacy of your own home, or perhaps in a bathroom stall at work. That would certainly leave an interesting mystery in the office. “I swear someone snarted while I was in there!” a coworker would say, but of course, no one would know who it was, and you certainly would not own up to it. Snarts can be tiring things, but if your body is all confused about itself, and you end up have a busnart [burp, sneeze, and fart all at once], or even worse, a busnartup [burp, sneeze, fart,and hiccup all at once}, that brief, explosive moment in time will leave you drained, confused, and dazed wondering, “Where did that all come from?” and “Please don’t let that ever happen again!” Our bodies are merely organic things, and from us down to the lowly amoeba, we all pretty much do the same thing, but I doubt we’ll ever see some science show that features amoebas busnartupping.