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Corporations Are People Too, Right…

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Since today is election day lets look at how things are in the minds of certain people that shall remain nameless but we really already know who they are. They would like to have the citizens of these United States of America to believe that corporations are people. They feel that a single corporation should have the same rights and privileges as every other American citizen. They even convinced, with the help of corporate money, the Supreme Court to agree to the point. I know that these poor down trodden companies need to have special privileges so that they can steal, err, I mean take… Ummm… EARN your money so that they can buy the elec… ummm, influence the elec…. Uhhh, pay the media to make sure that the media will publish thier lies, umm, thier version of the truth to the American people.

A change needed in America Now

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There is a new candidate that is out there trying to get support for their run for president of these supposed United States. His name is Buddy Roemer and he is running as a Reform Candidate as well as that of Americans Elect. He is trying to get support without getting money from Super PACs and wont allow anyone to donate more then $100 dollars to his campaign. He wants to make a change in Washington and get the corporate lobbyists out. He wants to be the American President that is chosen by the people and not by some super committees or bought out election process.

Whats Up With All The Recalls

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What is it now a days. Every time you turn on the news you are seeing a story about the latest recall notice. I don’t understand why there are so many recalls. Don’t the companies believe in product safety and testing or quality control? Or is the cost of a good Q&A department too much to bare for all the greedy uncaring corporations out there. It just isn’t right or fair to the consumer for things to keep going this way.