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Unstoppable 2010

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UnstoppableFeaturing Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, this Tony Scott film is one wild ride. Take corporate greed, lazy workers and idiots that wont listen and give them a yard of trains and you get the perfect recipe for this film. It is a comedy of errors and a one thing leads to another eventful film but is in no way a comedy as this film is based on actual events that are described in the film.

It is a time when the railroad is laying off and early retiring its older employees to make way for younger and less expensive workers. They want to make more and more money and are not really concerned for more then that and this attitude filters down to its workers. Your low level menial workers don’t care and are sloppy especially when rushed and mistakes happen. It is just this that causes a train full of hazardous material to go barreling down the tracks as a runaway train running at full throttle. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop this unnamed missile that has its target set on Stanton Pennsylvania along with its hundreds of thousands of residents.

Stupid Politics

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I really don’t get it. I really don’t. The United States is supposed to be about the people and for the people but instead lately it is all about corporate greed and how much a politician can make and how much they can control the lives of people. That is just down right wrong and I wish I had the money to be able to get in the arena with them and try and make some difference. The problem is that if a person is flush with money they really don’t see and sometimes don’t even care about what is happening around them. The only way I see things really changing is if the entire house and senate were emptied and then everyone wanting to run was forced to use public funds and not one cent of anything donated directly to the person running or the party that they belong to. The playing field needs leveled again if this country is going to get straightened out.