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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

This is not a typical match 3 puzzle game. There is some adventure going on here when your castaway find himself on a tropical island. Vesuvia’s match 3 puzzles take you on a path to search for items to help him search not only for a way to get home, but to find the clues to a mystery of those whom has been on this island before he got here. From the beaches to the jungles, your puzzles will take you along, featuring creatures and items normally found in the area, such as colourful insects, birds, monkeys, and tropical fruits. In some puzzles you move along the map to find torches to light your path, and some don’t need them. Other items are there to help, like a raft to get you over water hurdles, bug spray to get you through hordes of biting insects, traps, dynamite, and other helpful objects you can gain by filling up the color bottles. This is an addictive game, with a good storyline that keeps you curious about what will happen to your castaway next, plus who or what he might encounter along the way. Take a trip to Vesuvia right now, and just try not to get caught up in the fun.