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Fortune Tiles Gold

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Fortune Tiles Gold
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This fun little match three game is both fun and relaxing with the ability to test your patience at any given time. It is one of those games that you could play to wind down when getting ready for bed. The game gives you little pearls of wisdom along the way as you strive to make it through all of the levels that represent spiritual awakening. It is not a religious game but it is based on oriental philosophy so you can see where the wisdom parts are coming from. Another cute part of the game is that with each level completed you uncover more and more of a picture. It is a sort of reward for being able to clear the board of tile pieces. As to the pieces themselves you never really clear the board you clear the board of tiles that have a bit of oriental writing on them. As you match the different colored tiles the ones that have the writing are removed from the board and more tiles fall from the top. There are never more tiles with lettering added but you do have to clear them before the dragon timer at the bottom of the screen runs out. If it does run out it will cost you another life to be able to continue with the game. This is a game that just about anyone is able to understand and jump right into and not feel lost on what to do, match the colors to remove the lettering and do it all before time runs out.