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The Iron Giant: It came from outer space!

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The-Iron-Giant-1999-Cover-ArtThere were many great animated films in the 1990s, but this has to be one of the best. Set during the Cold War, at the time of the launch of Sputnik and rampant McCarthyism, there was much for Americans to fear, especially things that came from unknown sources. In the winter of 1957, one great mystery came to a small town in Maine. Where it came from, we do not know, but this hulking robot had the capacity to learn from one young boy, Hogarth Hughes, about life and death, compassion and fear, and so much more.

Hogarth is a pretty self-sufficient kid. His widowed mother works at a local diner as a waitress, and is often asked to work extra shift. His late father was a test pilot in the Air Force, so science is always on Hogarth’s mind, but when a giant robot falls from the sky one night when Hogarth is watching scary movies by himself, he has to go investigate. He grabs his BB gun, but what he encounters is far beyond belief. After some misadventures, Hogarth and the Iron Giant become friends, and with the help of a local beatnik artist, they keep the secret from the town until a government agent shows up.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in GoldenEye (1995)

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The Cold War has ended but not for everyone, especially Alec Trevelyan and General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov. Both want to see the former Soviet Union pay for not keeping the status quo and they are going to use the old Cold War relique GoldenEye to make that a reality. GoldenEye is a satellite system that can trigger the effects of a nuclear blast anywhere that they would want. It doesn’t have the radiation effect of a bomb just the electromagnetic effect. When an electromagnetic pulse goes off it disrupts the electrical signals of everything that is around it. All cars stop, planes fall out of the sky and every single computer is fried and whiped clean of data.

The 80’s Game with Martha Quinn

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

So how well do you remember the 80s? Martha Quinn is here to quiz you, and they could not have found a better person to do it. After all, she was everyone’s favourite VJ on MTV, back when MTV actually played music videos from obscure bands like Haircut 100 and Chilliwack. Sadly, the video got less obscure, but the programming became too weird for those with taste…. Okay, so, 80s fashions were not all that tasteful, but the music was fun, and so was the food, and all that crazy news. We still had to Cold War looming over us, and thought we might get blasted by nukes, or maybe end up turning into cosmic dust like they did in Night of the Comet. We all survived, but to test your knowledge of all these fun and crazy nostalgic events, you have been presented with The 80’s Game with Martha Quinn Take on different challenges and gain trophies from the era like Swatch watches, rollerskates, and hairspray. Though the graphics are basic, and the sound is, as well, the questions range from easy to hard on a vast array of topics. Chose your topic, Martha will give you a question, and you gain points and status according to your score. This game is a must have for any child of the 80s.