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Sniglet of the Day: September 1

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Sniglet Of The Dayeuneeblic (you NEE blik) – n. A person who refuses to believe an “out of order” sign and risks his money anyway.

We’ve seen the euneeblic people in our lunchrooms, breakrooms, school canteens, and other places that might have vending machines. These are the people who are so jonesin’ for an energy drink or candy, that they are willing to risk that dollar, on the chance that maybe the repair guy came by and forgot to take off the ‘out of order” sign. So, do you let this person lose their money, and maybe their patience, or do you take the opportunity to be entertained by this idiot’s actions as he or she goes after that cold drink or salty snack? The coins are falling down the chute, and there could be some violent kicking and abuse about to occur to that vending machine. Who knows? If it still indeed out of order, maybe a good beating might get it to work again. So let the euneeblic do as they will. The only thing anyone will lose might be a dollar.