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Coffee Rush 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

After playing both Coffee Rush and Coffee Rush 3, I have to admit this is the best of the three. This has the elements of both the prequel and the sequel, and Coffee Rush 2 won’t boggle your eyes out in trying to keep up with it. We still have the dame formula of ice, coffee beans, sugar, milk, and ice, and Smokestack is still trying to kick us out of town and make everyone drink his nasty coffee. I guess he just doesn’t get it after three of these match 3 games devoted to making sure the fictional town we play still has access to cream of sweet bean soup. (No azuki bean cakes here, really, but what a great idea for the fourth game!)

Coffee Rush

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

After doing the review for the second sequel of Coffee Rush, I figured it was time to go back to the beginning and find out what made this game so popular. It is pretty much a match 3 game, and this formula is used throughout the game to give upgrades, except for the ones you pay for. Your corporate enemy is still Smokestack, but why anyone would want to buy nasty coffee from a place that looks like a Rustbelt factory is rather surprising, but as his coffeehouses are pretty much the only game in town, I guess people would still rather stop there than try to make some joe at the house. So, it’s up to us to bring a new standard in state of the art coffee and service to town. We use the match 3 puzzles to run the business, make new recipes, and market to new customers. Along the way, we get more complex puzzles, new kinds of customers, and take over the neighborhoods one by one, driving away Smokestack Coffee’s business with brighter, more wholesome shops and coffee combos that will keep any caffeine junkie very sated. It is pretty amazing at how many ways we can combine coffee beans, sugar, milk, whipped cream and ice, but surely there are even more bizarre combos out there, and this game doesn’t even bring mint and chocolate into play. So, if you need a fix of match 3 action and coffee, hit up the local McCafe’ or Starbucks, if you are lucky enough to be close to one, take advantage of the free wi-fi, and get your Coffee Rush

Sniglet of the Day : October 29

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Sniglet Of The DayFridgedalien….Anything stored in the refrigerator that is not a food product. i.e. Photography film, batteries, etc.

There might be more fridgealiens out there than we realise. Who knows how many things need to stored in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. Like the things mentioned above, and medicines, like that bubblegum-flavoured antibiotic for yourself or your kid, or maybe that tuna-flavoured one the vet gave you to give to your cat. Yes, there are tuna-flavoured suspension medicines for cats… just, wow. Would those coffee beans you keep in the freezer qualify as a fridgealien? No, they are pretty much a food substance, after all, they are the beginnings of everyone’s favourite bean soup. So,when you do go for a snack, or start the next meal, be careful of those fridgealiens. They tend to be small, and could escape, and one them might even be your child’s science project, but hopefully that fridgealien is not a mustgo. If it is, then your child did not put it there, so it has to go.