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Review: The Guild

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The GuildI have recently been watching The Guild featuring Felicia Day. It is absolutely hilarious and a fun to watch. The whole series is about a group of people, The Guild and the main focus of the show is that of Felicia Day’s character Codex. She has lost her job, lost her therapist and has no life except that of the online game.

In the first episode she is on a guild run and on the phone with her therapist at the same time as well as trying to talk with everyone else by voice. Too much multitasking causes several character deaths and frustration. It is then that they realize one of their members is missing, Zaboo. Just then there is a knock at the door and Zaboo is there to flirt and stay with Codex. From there is is just non stop run on comedy.

I just love Zaboo comment about having to take the kiddies to the pool, lol. If you want to know what that means then you are just going to have to go see the episodes for yourself.