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Sniglet of the Day : November 18

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Sniglet Of The DayQuesturbation: The act of asking a question when you don’t care what the answer is but just want to sound intelligent.

Some students, and maybe even some work colleagues engage in questurbation often, and if you know these people, they really don’t care what answer they get, so long as what they asked sounds better than the answer they receive. This might occur more often in places like technological institutes or law schools, or maybe out in the field dealing with more earthly sciences like geology or paleontology. It can sometimes happen on tours of museums, or even at places like the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. You might even be one who engages in questurbation to one up on your classmates or co-workers when it comes to presentations or lectures, but don’t let all that brainiac loose at once. Once it gets out, your reputation for being cool might slide towards being nerdy, but this is 2011, and nerds are actually pretty trendy now. So, release the hounds!

Sniglet of the Day : September 29

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Sniglet Of The DayAlt-tabulation: Quickly clicking off an embarrassing screen in class in hopes that the people behind you won’t see it.

Okay, kids, from grade-school to graduate school, we know you’ve all done an Alt-tabulation at some time. You could be playing casual games, looking for some gossip about some teen idol, or maybe even getting the stats on your dream car, but before you want everyone in class or the library to see what you might be into that might be considered uncool, you know the shortcut to get back to work. The two-finger salute that has been with us since the nineties, when the Internet was for… more questionable and much bluer activities.

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Life Quest

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

This is a cute little came that is almost a casual game but is a bit more challenging then that. It is also quite similar to the game Path To Success and at times uses the same exact script it would seem. If the other game was slick and fun this one is cute and sweet but with less zing in the graphics. Your goal in this game is to make sure you get to the top before everyone else by competing with your classmates from high school to see who can get the goal done first. If you get the goal first you get more of a happiness reward, the more happiness you have the less you have to sleep. If you don’t have your happiness filled for the day you have to sleep longer and have to work harder to get more happy.

Sniglet of the Day : January 16

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Chalktrauma (chawk’ traw ma) – n. The body’s reaction to someone running his fingernails down a chalkboard.

Now that holiday vacation is over, get ready, students, for six more months of possibly hearing one of the world’s most annoying sounds in your own classroom. Someone, somewhere is going to take upon his or herself to make you miserable for about a minute of your time for their maniacally evil fun. You will hear the squeal and the squeak, and hold your hands to your ears in agony, chanting “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” until this evil-doer has gotten their satisfaction in making you beg. You might even be that evil-doer, and you will hold the power to make your classmates bend to your will when you run your own fingernails down that blackboard. Isn’t it amazing how the noise never seems to affect the person who is actually doing the scratching? There are those you who might be lucky enough to live in a town where blackboards have been replaced by whiteboards, but you still have to deal with the squeak of dry erase pens, but they are really not even close to giving students Chalktrauma. How very, very lucky you are now!