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Blast from the Past (1999)

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This 1999 culture clash romantic comedy is just so much fun to watch, you find it sort of disappointing when it ends. The story of a man that grew up in a fall-out shelter right under the growing region of the San Fernando Valley from 1962 and did not come to the light until 1999 is amazing and funny. So how did this all happen? It starts during the height of the Cold War, when Castro had missiles aimed right at Key West, and the whole of the nation was caught up in communism paranoia. It all started at the residence of Calvin Weber (Christopher Walken), a professor at a prominent science college in SoCAl, and his very pregnant wife, Helen (Sissy Spacek). They are having a fun get together with all their friends, mixing champagne cocktails and martinis, listening to Perry Como on the hi-fi stereo, swapping recipes, and the like.

Man of the Year : Elections are made to be broken.

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Even though this movie came out five years ago, its satirical vibe still rings true, especially with the 2012 election coming up. Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) is a pundit that the public loves that has had it with party politics and has become very successful at making fun of the messed up system that is currently in Washington. It is a modern day fable, filled with very human monsters, and as much intrigue as any film about Ancient Rome, but somehow, this is Hollywood, where, even in America’s capitol, somehow, if you can get past the corruption, you can find that happily ever after, once the media is done tearing you apart.