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Rise of the Guardians – Legends unite

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Rise-of-the-Guardians-Blu-ray-CoverKids have been believing in legendary immortal beings for centuries, but when an evil spirit is out to crush those feelings, it is time for them all to call on their strengths to make sure the kids don’t stop believing. First, a little history. Jack Frost (Chris Pine) wakes up from what looks to be a drowning in a frozen pond. When he comes to, he suddenly has lots of energy, but no memory of whom he is, except for the name, which was given to him by The Man in the Moon, and the fact that he can wreak havoc with wild winter fun for kids by bending ice and snow to his whim. You see is now a Guardian, one of the immortal souls that keeps the hopes and dreams of children alive, whether it be on a seasonal or even a nightly basis. Along with Jack are North (Alec Baldwin), but he goes by many different names around the globe, such as Santa Claus, and there is Bunny (Hugh Jackman), a master of underground stealth when it comes to spring tidings. Also, there is Tooth (Isla Fisher) a fairy that gives cash for bicuspids, that runs a nightly operation and over sees thousands of other, minor fairies as they search for lost teeth. Another immortal that does his job nightly is Sandy, the server of childhood dreams. All their work is being undermined by an evil spirit, Pitch (Jude Law), Also known as The Boogeyman, and Jack is focusing his strength on the town of Burgess and one kid that keeps on believing in the legends, no matter what. That kid is Jamie Bennet (Dakota Goyo).

Just My Luck

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This 2006 movie was cute and savvy, and most likely one of the last movies we will see Miss Lindsay Lohan in for a very long time. This was from the time before she met with those things in Hollywood that turn regular good actors and actresses into chemically-enhanced tabloid fodder. This is not the story of Miss Lohan, but of Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) and Jake Hardin (Chris Pine). Two Mahattanites whom have been both blessed and cursed by the Fates. Ashley is an executive at a PR firm, and is just about the luckiest woman to ever have existed. She’s the kind of person who steps in gum, only to have a $20 bill attached to it. She can always get a taxi just by waving, and her designer duds never, ever get splashed by puddles after a rainstorm. She may seem high-maintenance, but with all the wonderful things that happen to her, life itself maintains her.

Star Trek (2009) Reboot from J.J. Abrams

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Spyglass Entertainment has one hell of a hit on their hands with J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek. It just doesn’t get better then this with high action, more action then we have ever seen in any of the Star Trek Films. This will be the one Trek film that you will be watching again and again for years to come. We still have all our favorite characters, they are just all brand new and slightly different and different in all the best ways. This one film will keep the franchise going for years to come and we are all waiting to see what they come up with next.

The Princess Diaries 2 : Royal Engagement

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It’s been five years since we first met Princess Mia (Anna Hathaway) in The Princess Dairies. Mia has just finished college, and is heading back to Genovia. Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) is ready to retire and wants to spend her golden years with Joe (Hector Elizondo), and feels that Mia has matured enough to rule. The people of Genovia like her, but there is archaic law on Genovia’s books that states that an unmarried woman cannot take the throne. At Mia’s 21st birthday ball, she meets many eligible bachelors with noble titles, but the one whom she dances with that she takes a liking to is Lord Nicholas Devereaux (Star Trek’s Chris Pine), as he rescues her from another disastrous dance with someone else. What Mia does not know is that Lord Devereaux’s uncle, Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies) is using his parliamentary power to steal the throne for Nicholas by insisting that this old royal law be enforced. Clarisse, Mia, and Charlotte (Kathleen Marshall) hunt through the list of single European noblemen, but keep finding reasons to reject them. Even Prince William turns up, but as he will become King of England, Mia cannot choose him. Charlotte just put him in the list because she like to look at him. Clarisse and Mia heartily agree, but eventually they choose Andrew Jacoby (Callum Blue of Dead Like Me), an English Duke with a scandal-free past and of the perfect age. Even the royal pets, tuxedo cat Fat Louie and Maurice the poodle like him.

Unstoppable 2010

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UnstoppableFeaturing Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, this Tony Scott film is one wild ride. Take corporate greed, lazy workers and idiots that wont listen and give them a yard of trains and you get the perfect recipe for this film. It is a comedy of errors and a one thing leads to another eventful film but is in no way a comedy as this film is based on actual events that are described in the film.

It is a time when the railroad is laying off and early retiring its older employees to make way for younger and less expensive workers. They want to make more and more money and are not really concerned for more then that and this attitude filters down to its workers. Your low level menial workers don’t care and are sloppy especially when rushed and mistakes happen. It is just this that causes a train full of hazardous material to go barreling down the tracks as a runaway train running at full throttle. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop this unnamed missile that has its target set on Stanton Pennsylvania along with its hundreds of thousands of residents.