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Sniglet of the Day : February 2

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Sniglet Of The DayWoowad (wew’ wad) – n. Giant clumps of stuck-together rice served at Chinese restaurants

You will see woowads not only at Chinese restaurants, but at home, if you cook your rice without rinsing, or using a little olive oil to loosen it up. Actually, these little glutinous lumps are pretty tasty. Their destiny is to be picked up by chopsticks or to be covered in any kind of soy-based sauce and meat and veggies. Westerners don’t seem to realise how convenient woowads are. As with most rice though, they tend to dry out of they sit in those little paper containers for too long, so make sure you enjoy them while they are hot, or use them for nigiri once they are cool. They also make for good sushi wraps, and onigiri. Woowads are some of the most versatile Asian food items out there. So if you feel your rice is too sticky, then try eating that steamed rice with chopsticks. You might change your mind. If you are wanting to take the woowads in a Latin directions, best not to. Spanish and Mexican style woowads just don’t turn out too well, but they aren’t too bad with black beans and fried plantains.