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2012 : We Were Warned

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Its the summer of 2012 and a would be writer is franticly trying to get ready for a camping trip with his kids. Both his wife and his 2 kids left him because he was so obsessed with writing his book that he lost sight of everything else. So now he does what he can to get by as a limo driver for a rich Russian mogul, Yuri Karpov (Zlatko Buric) which gives him time to try and write. This weekend though he is going to be spending it with his kids in Yellowstone Nation Park so that he can reconnect with them. Little does he know that the trip he is going to take is going to send him and his family on a grand and epic journey across the globe.


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An enveloping and terrific Sci-Fi film that all the fans had been waiting for. It is full of passion and I don’t just mean the sexual kind. This was something that was made for the fans of Firefly the world over. We get to see the crew in action once again as the writers of the award-winning show tie up many of the loose ends that had us all scratching our heads as we speculated on what happened. We finally know what happened to River Tam (Summer Glau) and why Simon (Sean Maher) was so protective of her. This is science fiction filming done right and we are all sorry to see that they are not making more of the loved show. This was truly a thank you and love letter to the fans and for that we thank you Joss Whedon.