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Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

I did find Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 to be far more superior to Mahjongg Artifacts. It took us on a different path from the original game, and featured a new character while still incorporating characters from the first game. This sequel also featured Marc, and his sister, Kathrin. We find Kathrin in Japan when she learns about Marc’s disappearance, and through a myriad of mahjongg puzzles, we go on a hunt across Asia and Europe to find him, using puzzles based on the cultures of Japan, China, India, and Central Europe. I did find it very cool that the European puzzle tiles featured images from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It seems that between game one and game two, Marc became endowed with magical powers that would take one extreme to another. He devastated India with his powers. In places that were thriving, yet full of vice, he would send poverty. Where people were starving, they would suddenly become fat. Where there was sever drought, suddenly there were floods. It was too much, too soon. In Europe, Kathrin would look for signs of sorcery, but once she found a medium, the medium informed her that even the gods had grown weary of Marc’s extreme ways.

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Interesting thing about cooking game simulations is the fact that it tends to be much easier to create the dishes they are attempting to to teach you how to make is easier in your own kitchen than it is using a mouse-powered kitchen. Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine is just that kind of a sim. While it is very interesting to learn all these great dishes from China, India, Thailand, France, Italy, and Japan and other nations, it can be a bit frustrating if you don’t click that mouse in a certain direction. There are many great recipes, but unlike the 2 Tasty series, you really don’t get to keep any of these. Many of the dishes are ones we already are familiar with, and if you like exotic dishes, most likely, you might know how to make.

The Jungle (The Oregon Files)

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The Jungle written by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul is an exciting adventure tale that is full of intrigue and suspense as we are taken from the deserts of an Afghan village to the jungles of Myanmar to the Alps of France. And that is just the land trips that the crew of the Oregon make in this delightfully thrilling tale. It is truly amazing how realistic Cussler is able to make the characters that are in his books and the missions that he writes about. You almost feel like it is something that is happening right now the way that he weaves current events into the story line as well so that the material stays current. He is definitely a master bard deserving of a laureate with the works that he has produced.

Review: The Karate Kid 2010

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2010 Karate Kid DVD CoverThis all new film about a karate kid stars Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, a man that has lost his family and seems to be trying to hide from himself and the world. It is the problems that Dre has with those at school that spark and begin the journey of self discovery for both man and boy.

This is a heart warming remake and telling of the 1984 film of the same name. Jackie Chan’s Mr. Han is in the same or like role as Mr. Miyagi played by Pat Morita. This is not a word for word remake, this is a retelling of the tale in a different setting completely. While both films had families that had to travel great distances to start again this one goes really far by taking the family all the way to China. Anyone who has seen the first Karate Kid will immediately see the similarities of the 2 but where as the first one was full of teen angst and a desire to do everything faster and faster this one slows things down. It shows the growth of a boy that is mad at the world who just wants to be able to have friends and be friends with a pretty girl that he meets in school. It also shows just how closed in Mr. Han is as he is still grieving for his own lost family.