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The Santa Clause 2 : The Misses Clause

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The-Santa-Clause-2-Movie-Poster-ArtworkIt’s been ten years since Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) put on the red suit the Christmas Eve when he found Santa and his reindeer thumping around on his roof. He’s taken very well to the dream job, and his extended family loves it, too. Lately, things are not as rosy as they might seem. Keeping the town a secret from the evolving technologies of the outside world has become a high security operation, and another elf, Curtis, the Experimental Elf (Spencer Breslin) is in training as an assistant to Bernard the Arch-Elf (David Krumholtz).

The Santa Clause – You’ve Never Seen Santa Quite Like This Before

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As lives go for divorced dads, Scott Calvin’s (Tim Allen) could be much better. He’s great at his job as an executive at a Toy Company, but as a dad, he’s really lacking. When his son, Charlie Calvin (Eric Lloyd) comes to spend Christmas Eve with him, things take a serious turnaround for the lives of everyone in the Calvin social circle. Charlie is a firm believer in the legend, as most kids are, but his mother, Laura Calvin Miller (Wendy Crewson), and psychiatrist stepfather, Dr. Neil Miller (Judge Reinhold) find that they want Charlie to let go of the story and believe in only what he can see.