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Expeditions: Viking

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Expeditions Viking

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

You are the successor to your father in a Viking village and you must fix the problems that your father created when he went looking for treasures on the British Isles. Every action that you do and every conversation that you have will determine if you have a successful rule or not. It will also have bearing on how your subjects feel about you and your ability to be able to have others follow you as you try and save your lands from a blood thirsty chieftain who has his sights on your lands.

This is one game that you just might find yourself wondering where the time went. This is not like your usual titles where everything is in 3D but you really wont care as the story draws you in as you are conversing with your subject one moment and then fighting the next in this turned base strategy RPG based on the Vikings and Norse history and mythology.

Deep Within A Faerie Forest

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This music CD from Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule is full of haunting beauty and graceful pagan notes. This is truely their feel good about yourself and everything around you CD. It is a ceremony of nature and the praise to the spirit world around us. Gary and Wendy take us on a journey of discovery and through the myths and homes of the Faerie. This is a must have collection of music for every pagan and most SCA people as well. It is full of soft notes and strong passion to excite the mind and fill our heads with images of wonder and magic. If you were to have only one album from these artists this would be the one to have. Once you listen to Dance Of The Wild Faeries you will never forget it and will always want to have it around to listen to again and again.