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Review: Dynasty

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

More fun with marble poppers in a colorful, fun game filled with lively Asian dragons! Dynasty is a little different from most marble poppers in that not only does your launcher, a beautiful celestial dragon, move about the board, but she does not just shoot marbles. She switches them for marbles of other colors. Hatch the dragon eggs in the line, and get help from lots of baby dragons that have their own powerful magic. The soundtrack was written in a true Chinese fashion, and and those little dragons will keep you moving up in the levels. Dynasty is a truly addictive game for those whom love puzzles, poppers, and Chinese culture.

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Review: Dragon Wars

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Recently I watched Dragon Wars for about the 5th time. OK it was the 3rd time but I think I will watch it a few more times. I know that I will. It is that good. I would recommend it to anyone that loves high legend and classic good versus evil films.

The story is about 2 ancient serpents, Imoogi and Buraki, who both want to become celestial dragons. Imoogi is actually promised to be the one who will be the next celestial dragon but Buraki is out to stop that from happening. The interesting thing is that Imoogi doesn’t even join the fight until near the end, it is the humans that do most of the battling against the evil serpent under the guidance of 2 individuals that have been sent down by the celestial courts. It is their duty to make sure that the Imoogi and not Buraki to receive the Yeouijoo to become a celestial dragon. In ledgeond the Yeouijoo was a perl but fearing that evil would find and possess it the Heavens sent the Yeouijoo to earth in the form of a child. The Yeouijoo would not be complete until that child reached their 20th birthday.