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The Joys Of House Cats

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Cats are such wonderful creatures. They can fill your life with joy and give you happiness when no one is around. They keep you company and demand only your occasional affection in return. They really are the perfect pet to have and companion when no one is around. They are fascinating to look at and fun to watch as they roll and play or even watch them as they twitch in their sleep as they dream of some mouse they might be chasing. They really are wonderful creations given to us as a gift from Mother Nature herself but just as all people know, women can be really fickle at times. No wonder the cat is associated with the feminine.

Cat Wash

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Anyone who owns a cat, or has a cat that owns them knows how hard it is to bathe them after they’ve gotten themselves into a nasty mess. In Cat Wash, you are in the late 70s, running a pet-grooming service that takes care of cats, and cats only. Your inventor uncle has created a machine that will keep cats calm while you wash, dry, and/or clip the cats, but that doesn’t mean it still does not have all the bugs worked out, nor that the cats won’t still freak out. After all, they are cats, and cats just tend to spaz out for no reasons at all sometimes.

Sniglet of the Day : April 12

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Sniglet Of The DayZEEPT (zeept) n. The accumulation of dead insects around an electric bug fryer.

Well, the warmer weather is most definitely back, especially in the South, and with it comes…. bugs! There are no insects in the world that can compare to Southern bugs, with the exception of jungle bugs. With the new swarm comes the relighting of bug zapper lights in the evenings. They are there to lure moths, mosquitoes, and other biting, flying insects to their doom. Sometimes if you listen, you will hear the zap of a tiny gnat, or the minute-long frying of a dragonfly, but that sound, as satisfying as it might seem in its arthropodian carnage, is not as fine as seeing the zeept. The zeept is what you find the morning after when you go out to the porch. Once you turn off the bug zapper in the morning, if you look to the floor or ground, you can see the evidence of the casualities lost in the war on insects. These are the ones the bats, cats, and birds did not get. These are the ones who were too stupid to listen to the warning, “Don’t go into the light!” You sweep up the zeept, deposit the tiny corpses, then get ready for another night of battle, because, with the bugs being the most numerous things on the planet, it is a war that will never end.

Sniglet of the Day : January 24

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Sniglet Of The DayPawtrauma – v. the sound of a cat’s scratching claws on your outside windowpane, which is not unlike “Chalktrauma“.

Tap, tap, tap…. scritch, scritch, scritch… you know what they want! Those cats want in for some noms, some fun, or maybe just for some snuggles. They are going to enter your house when you give into the sound of pawtrauma, and take you into their kawaii zone. From bathing in the sun all day to coming in with frosty paws on a winters’ night, they will make you give into the pawtrauma, because this sound is so annoying, you have no choice but to make it stop. The sound of one cat doing this will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, but if you have multiple cats creating a pawtrauma chorus, just out of you chair and let those felines in now! They will not give up until they get what they want. Your dog might think he’s human, but your cat was once revered as a god, and cats never forget this, and they want to make sure you never forget it either. If you do, you might someday become the victim of Clawtrauma, but that’s a different sniglet for a different day.