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Sailor Moon R

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sailor moon rSailor Moon R is the second season of Sailor Moon. This has two sets of villains. One is the Doom Tree Aliens and the other is the Black Moon Clan.

The Doom Tree Aliens is going to planet Earth to get human energy so they can heal the Doom Tree. The Doom Tree Aliens are Eiru and An. The Doom Tree brings those two to planet Earth, so those two can learn about love and kindness. Eiru learn about love and kindness, but An didn’t. Sailor Moon must stop them from taken the humans energy.

The second set of villains is going after a little girl from the future. The little girl’s name is Rini but, in Japan her name is Chibi-Usa. Rini is a little brat, cry baby, and even Serena calls her “The Pink Spore”. Her hair is pink. When she gets older and goes evil, she looks pretty cute. I would rather see Rini older, but not in the evil way. Dark Moon Clan wants her so they can change the future. They want to destroy the future. In the future, the city that Rini lives in is called Crystal Tokyo. It is up to Sailor Moon to save Tokyo and Crystal Tokyo.

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted

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From Joss Whedon and John Cassaday we are served up some compelling story and that is just about it. We don’t get to see a fully animated toon that is going to wow us. Instead we get to see some artist with PhotoShop and AfterEffects cut up a comic book cell by cell and then make it look like it is a full animated toon. Seeing X-Men like this is like watching the stupid idiot cartoons that Cartoon Network shows where it is all cut up images that are moved around to animate them. If this was just to save cost then they just need to pack it in and never do another X-Man cartoon EVER!