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Hoot (2006)

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A kids and family film that is fun to watch and might even get those same kids to think for a change. This award winning film is similar to after school specials that were once popular and kids would actually want to watch them. They always had a meaning or purpose or message that they wanted to convey to the viewers and Hoot is no different. The film, even though entertaining, is still about conservation and treating the land that we live on with respect and dignity. It also showcases just how greedy corporate America is and how they will do anything for money no matter who or what it hurts and no matter how many rules or laws they break in the process. The film shows that, I am not making that part up and kudos for the director (Wil Shriner) and writer of the novel (Carl Hiaasen ) showing that in the film. Even with the messages embedded into the film this is a wonderfully fun and beautiful film to watch as it takes place in some of the prettier places of Florida.