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Season Of The Witch : The Darkness That Almost Was

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It was the time of the crusades and the wold was at war with itself and with religion. Fear was rampant and priests and zealots saw Satan and witches around every single corner. If it was suspected you were a witch they would make sure that you confessed to it before they would kill you to save your soul. After consigning your body God and your soul to perdition they would then do rituals to make sure that your body stayed dead, not to rise again as a demon infested corpse. They wanted to make sure that your soul was safely with God and that your body would never again cause them trouble as they perceived that you did in life. The beginning of the film opens with such a scene but the rituals were not completed and we get to see the consequences of that. The priest in his holy zeal went by himself to read the passages and was killed by something far worse then what he had feared the women were. He was killed by a demon from the very depths of hell.