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Sniglet of the Day : February 17

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Sniglet Of The DayCarbonicles – the tiny drops of soda thrown into the air above your glass after you pour it

Carbonicles are fun to watch, and sometimes, if you can catch them, they taste pretty good, too. Just pour a glass of cola, lemon-lime, or even blue raspberry soda over some ice, and watch the little carbonicles dance around on top. These little bubbles prove that the soda has sparkle and bite, and that your drink is nowhere near being flat. That frothy layer of soda pop has a flavour all its own, and is very different from the sugary liquid that supports it. Beer also produces carbonicles, but they tend to not be as tasty as the soda ones, so most beer consumers tend to just find a way to discard the beer carbonicles. Kids really enjoy watching carbonicles as they pop around, and back in the 70s, a solid form of carbonicles was created in a form of candy. Pop Rocks are simply solid carbonicles that need some kind of liquid to activate them. Saliva seems to be the best way, but I’ve also seen that adding them to birthday cake frosting makes for a great surprise at parties. As if the kids at these parties haven’t consumed enough carbonicles already. Spring is just around the corner, and all that hot cocoa we’ve taken in over the winter will soon be replaced by soda pop. Get ready to watch the carbonicles dance very soon.