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Sniglet of the Day: October 22

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Sniglet Of The DaySubnougate (sub new’ get) – v. To eat the bottom caramels in a candy box and carefully replace the top level, hoping no one will notice.

How many of you out there have subnougated? Always catch a few, and it really is hard to resist doing it, especially on holidays when chocolate is everywhere. Candy hearts on Valentine’s Day, those pastel Fannie Farmer Easter boxes, and those Swiss Colony tins that are so popular at Yule. Of course, you can get Whitman’s samplers, and assorted Russel Stover’s chocolates all year long, but not many of us indulge and just buy these boxes for ourselves. So when they show up in the house as a gift, but not a gift to yourself, you might end up subnougating to cover up the evidence. Maybe your older sister really shouldn’t eat all those candies anyway. sure, your mom is on a diet and you are just helping her cut calories by lessening the load. Whatever your reason to subnougate, you are still being sneaky and you know it is wrong, but still so right. Help your family members out by subnougating, and you might end up getting an empty chocolates box thrown at you, but that’s less sugar and fat they have to worry about.