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Sniglet of the Day : June 28

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Sniglet Of The DayDiscombebopulated – Whenever you are driving along and you can’t find a house, and you have the address in your hand, and you can’t find the address, so you turn the radio down

Being discombebopulated is a really a state of confusion that can only happen at a certain time and place, but it has never really been studied as to why it happens. It often happens on the way to parties or dates, or other various social gatherings. For some reason, we are driving along, but even though we really do not need our ears to find the place we are looking for, since searching for an address is purely a visual aspect, but we turn down the car radio anyway. It’s another one of those modern mysteries that seems to only happen in the Western, well, maybe even Far Eastern world, too. So why do we feel the need to turn down the sound when we are looking for a place we don’t know the way to? Will some kind of magical all-seeing GPS enter our minds as we enjoy the silence? Why didn’t we enter this address into the GPS anyway? Well, many of us don’t have them. Sometimes, the low tech way of doing things will never die, and being discombebopulated is just part of the territory.