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Sniglet of the Day : June 21

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Sniglet Of The DayWhitetater – a political hot potato.

The media has been filled with whitetaters over the last few years, maybe even just this last year alone has had enough to made a tub full of whitetater salad big enough to fill the Capitol building. From coast to coast, and North America is not the only place it happens. With naughty politicians coming up with new ways to play the same old tricks filled with sex, drugs, and…. well, rock n roll won’t even qualify them any more, but maybe hacking into databases might, it is getting difficult to tell distinguish the whitetaters from all the other questionable substances that line the streets of the nations highways and capitol cities. With elections coming up again we see the same old mudslinging from both sides, but it seems to be that it isn’t mud that is being slung, but a different kind of mud-like substance. Well, we’ll just have to endure the media Circe Miserables forever and a day, or until somewhere, out there, enough of us just won’t care who in some high office did what to whom. As long as Fox News is on the air, there will always be a whitetater somewhere. If there is not, they will find a way to make one. So, where do you think the next whitetater will spring up from?