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Sniglet of the Day : April 24

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Sniglet Of The DayChoconiverous (chahk o NIV ur us) – adj. The tendency when eating a chocolate Easter bunny to bite off the head first.

So it is Easter, and there are bunnies of all sizes, and in all colours everywhere. Pastel baskets filled with toys and all kinds of sugary treats to keep the little ones wired until they come crashing down at around 1:00 A.M. tomorrow morning. Not matter what treat you might receive in a gift basket, or steal from the kid’s gift basket, those whom are choconiverous are going to go for the ears first. No matter is it’s a cheap Palmers white chocolate bunny with pink and yellow candy daisies on its head or something far more decadant, but I’m not sure if the high end chocolatiers make commercial grade Easter bunnies, the head is going to be the first thing to go. Once the bunny is polished of, the choconiverous feast has only begun. There are chocolate eggs, peanutbutter eggs, marshmallow eggs, mint eggs, and maybe even some real coloured eggs in that mix. Still very much in the choconiverous territory, except those hard boiled eggs. Mom saves those to make deviled eggs with later in the week. Once the choconiverous monsters devour their goods, that pretty much leaves…. the other stuff. Jelly beans, not bad, pass up the black ones if you are antilixic, Jordan almonds, and those weird eggs with the thick, pliable candy shell, and some kind of stiff marshmallow creme-type stuff in them that isn’t very good. Once you hit those, the choconiverous will just turn away, and like Yogi Bear on a pic-a-nic basket raid at Jellystone Park, will find another Easter basket to attack.