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Cake Shop 3

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

Cake Shop 3 takes Emily’s cake cafes on a little worldwide spin to get into some global culture and some new kinds of sales. The gameplay was not as smooth as in Cake Shop 2, and the graphics a bit more fuzzy, but still it was a vast improvement over Cake Shop. Fredrico is still with us as our financial backer, and we set up shops in Latin America, Europe, and other places, and serve up local treats from the region. New kinds of customers will show up, requesting certain items, or completely staying away from them. The building upgrades are new and fun to unlock. It was pretty cool to watch the new shops come together when you add new decors to them. You are still serving up those vanilla, chocolate, and marble cakes with the fruit gel centres, and the extras like soda and coffees, but add some local fare like dessert pizzas and burritos and so on, and you get a pretty varied menu. You will see customers you recall from the other games, plus locals in native dress, and some that look like they do nothing but party at local festivals, carnivals, and fiestas. Cake Shop 3 is a bit less tasty than Cake Shop 2, but still far more flavourful to Cake Shop. I’m glad to see the devs left the bland behind.