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Sims 3 Generations Failure!

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Just got Sims 3 Generations. It has some good points and a lot of bad points. First the good news, we now have bunk beds and spiral stairs. Something that we should have had from the very start. Teens are now able to do much more then they could in Sims 3 so far. They can now participate in after school activities, go on field trips, go on dates and even go to the prom either alone or with the one that they love. It adds much more depth to the game then we have seen so far and there are even a few new jobs as well. If you are buying this expansion for your self it could be a good buy, if you’re buying this to have on each computer on your house be prepared to be totally frustrated. This game will test your patience with just installing it and you will be screaming at your computer screen in no time at all. They don’t even give you a manual this time, just a single folded sheet of paper.