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Puzzling Paws

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

This is one of the cutest, but most frustrating brain-teasing games I have come across in a long time. The story is about two funny animal friends, Scratch, a cute kitten, and her big, protective bulldog friend, Bruiser. While on a picnic, they get transported to a world where they must solve slide puzzles to get back home. These puzzles may look simple, but they are not. You may find yourself trying out several different solutions when trying to slide items together so they merge properly. The cat and dog interact with other animals in this world, talking in their own barks and meows, and the other animals in their own language, but we are given subtitles to figure out what they are up to. The quicker Scratch and Bruiser can solve the puzzles, the quicker they can find the parts to a machine that will take them home, but that is up to the player and how quickly they can figure out which items to slide and how to do it so they don’t hit a dead end. Even then Bruiser and Scratch will shake their heads and slump their shoulders knowing they have to try again. Puzzling Paws is a very cute game, and if you have the patience to take on these brain-teasing slide puzzles, you will really enjoy it.