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Evil Dead (2013) Fear What You Will Become

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Evil-Dead-2013-DVD-CoverOne of the most astounding horror films that I have seen in quite some while. True that it was rather gory but it was also scary as hell and not just for the blood. It was a truly horrifying trek down the reimagined work of Sam Raimi. This is rumored to be how he and Bruce Campbell, Groovy, wanted to do the film in the first place. It will become a classic in much the same way that the original Evil Dead did from 1981.

Five friends have gathered at the old family cabin of Mia (Jane Levy) and David (Shiloh Fernandez) to help Mia recover from a drug addiction, a bad one. They are all there to help her through the withdraw that they know is going to wrack her mind and body as she goes cold turkey. What they do not realize is that the cabin has been used before for a more demonic purge that is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Army of Darkness

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This was the third movie in a series by Renaissance Pictures, a film company created by four film students. Sam, Ted, and Ivan Raimi, and Bruce Campbell. The first movie was the cult classic, The Evil Dead, which was shot on 8mm film, but is now a horror film collector’s staple. In this movie, Ash (Bruce Campbell) is still at odds with that demonic Sumerian text, the Necronomicon. We still find him in that cabin in the Tennessee woods, but not for long, as Army of Darkness takes place exactly where Evil Dead 2 ended.
The once timid S-Mart housewares clerk Ash has become a chainsaw-wielding, shotgun-toting badass, but that cursed book won’t let him be, and this time it has a new destination, and it is bring Ash and his big yellow car with it. The destination, England, circa 1300 C.E. Ash is drawn into a battle between two Lords, Arthur and Duke Henry the Red, and is mistaken to be a knight in Duke Henry’s army. He is taken as a P.O.W. by Lord Arthur’s men to his keep. At Lord Arthur’s keep is a pit that is home to some undead creatures, and they throw the prisoners in there as a punishment. A spirited beauty, Sheila (Embeth Davidtz) is vowing vengeance for her brother’s death at the hands of Duke Henry’s men, and takes an instant dislike to Ash An alchemist in Lord Arthur’s employ, known only as Wiseman (Ian Ambercrombie), says that Ash is a hero that is part of a prophetic legend sent to protect them from the curse of the Necronomicon. Then things get weird, but when it comes to Raimi movies, you know it going to be weird in a very good way. This movie was made in the very early 90s, before computer animation became commonplace with the advent of Toy Story and Jurassic Park.