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Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) Some assembly required

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As you can tell from the tagline I added to the title, this film does require some assembly but this can be a good thing. I know some people will hate this film because it just doesn’t come and smack you in the face with action and The Avengers right out the door. The thing is, even though we may have seen all the films leading up to this one, other may have not seen the prequels to understand what is going on. The film has to show us some of what has happened in the past so that it can continue to tell us the story as it goes on. I would still like to know how Thor got to Earth without the Bifrost, the film didn’t really elaborate other then using dark energies mentioned by Loki. In any event, we had to see all the slow stuff to be able to get to and appreciate all the fast and thrilling stuff.

The Incredible Hulk

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Banner is on the run and has been for some time. Now he is starting to get control of his body and is able to avert having The Hulk appear by controlling his heart rate. He takes special classes to help him manage his stress and his anger and has taken to wearing a special wristwatch that monitors his heart rate. That is where we start the film and from there it just flies into the action that you would expect with any film that has The Hulk. I think and feel that this is the best Hulk that they have made yet and a great inclusion for The Avengers. This Hulk has more feeling and emotion and even more intelligence then other versions.